Instructions for Parity to participate in Routrip Crowdsale

Before reading the instruction

By participating in the crowdsdale you agree with the following:

  • I know and understand the Routrip platform.
  • I read Routrip White Paper, Risk Warning and all the other materials that Routrip published.
  • I understand and agree with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
  • I understand and agree with the Presale Purchase Agreement


Important Notes

  • Do NOT send ethereum (ETH) directly from crypto-exchange exchanges to the address of the Routrip contract. To participate, you must send ETH from your personal account, which you can create using Parity or Mist.
  • Do NOT send Bitcoins (BTC) to the address of the RTP contract.
  • In the Crowdsdale Routrip, only ETH is accepted.

Follow instructions.

  • Keep your Ethereum account information in a safe place.
  • Recheck the address of the contract to which you send the Ethereum
  • We recommend you to fully synchronize with the blockchain before following the instructions
  • To participate there must be ETH on your account.
  • The Routrip token address will be published on the website. You will also be able to find the address of the token, the contract code and ABI here: 

Step 1: Install the latest version of Parity
Make sure that you have the latest version of the Parity Wallet installed on your computer.

To download the latest version of Parity, please go here:

Step 2: Launch the Parity application
Double-click on the Parity icon. Make sure that Parity works. Parity will automatically start synchronizing with the blockchain

In your Internet browser, go to You should see the following:

Step 3: Create account if you do not have one
Make sure you remember the password from your account. If you do not yet have a Parity account, then you will see the following:

Press NEXT. Read “terms and conditions” and click “I accept these terms and conditions.” Then press NEXT.

Now you will see the following screen:

Create your new account. Fill out the account name, the password hint (optional), and the password itself and press NEXT. Click Next until you reach the process of completing the account creation
Click on the “ACCOUNTS” tab. You should see your accounts

Now click on your account to see more details about it. Your Ethereum account address is highlighted in red below:

Step 4: Refill the account that you created in Parity with Ethereum.
In order to fill your account with ethereum, you must
Register (if you do not have) account on the crypto-exchange market
You can find a list of exchanges here
Purchase in an affordable way the money to your account at the crypto exchange.
Send ETH to your Ethereum account address in Parity
After that, in your account in Parity the amount in ETH will be displayed
WARNING: You MUST move the entire amount of ETH that you want to spend on your Ethereum account in Parity. To verify your Ethereum account in Parity, double-click on the description of your account in Parirty. Do not send ETH to the address of the Crowdsdale contract directly from stock exchange accounts, since you will not be able to join Crowdsdale . The transaction most likely will be canceled, and the probability of losing your ETH is very high ..

Step 5: Go to Settings and turn on the tab “CONTRACTS”
In the Parity menu, go to SETTINGS. Turn on your tab “CONTRACTS” – tick the “Contracts” field in SETTINGS. Now a new tab “CONTRACTS” should appear in the menu. If there are no tabs, then you did not activate it, check it again.

Step 6: Checking the contract of RTP tokens

You should see the screen as above in the picture. Click + Watch. Then, in the window that appears, select the contract type. Select “Custom Contract” as shown below. And click next.

Now you should see the screen where it says “ENTER CONTRACT DETAILS and the fields for the contract address of the RTP (network address) tokens, contract name and contract abi.
Fill in the following information in ENTER CONTRACT DETAILS
network address: 0xfa05A73FfE78ef8f1a739473e462c54bae6567D9
contract name: Routrip Token
contract abi: Copy and paste text here

Now press “+ ADD CONTRACT” to add the contract of RTP tokens. Now you should see the following on the screen:

Step 7: perform function create() in token contract
Press RTPYR TOKEN. Now you will see the same thing on the screen as in the picture below. Now click “Execute” in the upper right corner, highlighted with the red rectangle below.

Now you will see a window on the screen, as shown below. Click on the function field and select create ().

Now check the advanced sending options. Then paste into the transaction value field (in ETH), write the ETH amount, which you want to spend on buying RTP. See below.

On the next screen, you will see ADVANCED OPTIONS. Enter 70,000 gas. If lower then increase up to 70,000. Click POST TRANSACTION.

Finally, enter your password and click CONFIRM REQUEST.

Once you confirm the transaction, the transaction will be confirmed.

Step 8: Checking your rtp balance
You can see your purchase of RTP tokens by requesting balanceOf in the Routrip token contracts after the transaction. Insert your Ethereum address from which you bought RTP tokens in the “address” field under “balanceOf”. Click Query to check your balance. RTP has 18 digits after comma and therefore you will need to press the switch button to see how many RTP tokens you bought with ETH, otherwise you will see the entire 18-digits after the comma as a whole. Make sure that you are fully synchronized.

That’s it! Thank you for participating in Routrip Crowdsale!


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